Tuesday, December 1, 2015

OTN Article: Focused ODI Jobs on the Entire Ecosystem

Hi Folks,

My new OTN article was published today. The article describes the process of running focused calculations with Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) and pushing changed data sets into ASO/BSO cubes across the environment.
Again we are trying to optimize calculations, and limit them only to relevant data sets. This time not just in the context of one application, but in the context of entire Hyperion/Essbase ecosystem.
A small change in one database may require recalculation in many downstream application. And it is even more challenging to draw connections between affected data sets.
How can we run focused calculations automatically on multiple ASO/BSO applications with different dimensionality in particular sequence? Well, let me show you how deep the rabbit hole goes ;-)

You will also find a few cool features like:

  • Triggering ODI jobs from essbase calc script/Business rule
  • Passing Run-Time-Prompts from Business Rule to ODI
  • Automatic notification of the users when their Business Rule completes
  • Automatic queueing of Business Rules when concurrency is not possible
  • Monitoring of the queue, and custom job console

Please follow this link to read the entire article.

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